Film Screening: 傾城之戀 Love in a Fallen City (1984)


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傾城之戀 Love in a Fallen City (1984, dir. Ann Hui)
93 min | Hong Kong | Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles
Rating: TBA

Adapted from a novella with the same title by Eileen Chang, Ann Hui sets the film in Shanghai and Hong Kong during the Sino Japanese war. Chow Yun-Fatt stars as Fan Liu-yuan, a charming Malayan businessman who falls in love with Ba Liusu, a scorned divorcee played by Cora Miao. The city’s fall to the Japanese interrupts the lovers’ lives in unexpected ways.

傾城之戀 Love in a Fallen City is a complex Hong Kong New Wave film that examines traditional notions of Chinese identity and cosmopolitan modernity amidst the upheaval of war.

倾城之恋 (导演:许鞍华)

改编自张爱玲的同名小说, 讲述一场战争如何以意想不到的方式打断了一对恋人在上海和香港的 生活。

Introduction and Post-screening discussion with

Dr Chan Cheow-thia (Asst Prof, Department of Chinese Studies, National University of Singapore) &

Dr Elizabeth Wijaya (Asst Prof of East Asian Cinema, Department of Visual Studies, University of Toronto)


26 July, Friday - 8pm

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About Reframe: Migratory Times
26 - 28 July | Oldham Theatre
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Migratory Times presents a series of Chinese language fictional films showing transitional times in Southeast and East Asia. The settings of the films span the Ming dynasty, the Sino-Japanese war and its aftermath, colonial and postcolonial modernity, revolution and resistance and martial law in Taiwan.

Against the broad strokes of political history, these films reveal the internal conflicts, melodrama and class divisions of migratory lives in exile and alienation. The films themselves are also made in critical times for cinema history with their own histories of loss, rebirth and restoration. As lives and desire collide with the forces of history in fictional frames, what can be revealed about the intersecting forces of production that condition how history can be affectively archived and re-activated in aesthetic works?

Curated by Dr. Elizabeth Wijaya


《颠沛流离的时代》 展现了一系列记录东亚与东南亚历史转折的华语剧情电影。 五部电影的故事背景前后跨越数百年,涵盖了明朝、太平洋战争、 殖民以及后殖民时期的现代化经验,以及台湾戒严时期的生存状态。

不同于大笔勾勒历史现实的制作, 这些电影展现了移民在迁徙与流亡中的内心挣扎、 社会冲突与阶级分化。同时,这些电影诞生于电影史上的关键时期, 与电影艺术自身的衰落、修复与重生紧密相连。 在电影的虚构框架中,生活和欲望在历史洪流里互相碰撞。然而, 电影创作将如何影响我们理解艺术作品记录历史、感知历史、 回溯历史的方式?

策展人: 黄丽慧博士

About Reframe
An initiative by the Asian Film Archive, Reframe is a series that aims to bring together diverse audiences and the film community at large through an innovative range of programmes, encouraging dialogue and examining topics surrounding cinema and the moving image.

By asking the hard questions and re-looking at trends and issues critically, the series will construct meaningful frameworks that bring forth multi-perspective viewpoints and an increased appreciation of film and culture.

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